Business Data Communication

Boxlight’s Unplug’d screen mirroring software allows mobile devices or laptops enabled with the Unplug’d app to stream content to the ProColor Series 2 interactive display. Create greater collaborative and cooperative learning while gaining more in-depth understanding of the students’ comprehension. Plus, students can learn from one another and are more engaged.
The Unplug’d screen mirroring software’s broadcast feature puts the content right on the student’s device, allowing students to practically hold the front-of-the-room display in their own hands.
• Stream mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and even Chromebooks on the ProColor Series 2 flat panel display.
• Unplug’d software has easy-to-use features, putting the teacher in control of what is viewed, shared, and enhanced with full-screen viewing.
• Intuitive design automatically adjusts for the number of devices being displayed at the front of the classroom.
• Our screen mirroring software is extremely responsive with almost no lag time.