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Usually, in Europe and other western countries tap or drinking water is of an excellent quality.
Nevertheless, water all over the world contains not only H2O but also ions, micronutrients, minerals and salts. These are important for the human health and should not be removed. If these dissolved solids are deposited in the pipes, they will cause problems in industrial machines and pipes. Thus, it is not the water causing problems; the whole issue is about soluble parts in the water. Moreover, they are also responsible for corrosion.

What is special about the Merus is that no chemicals or additional energy is needed. Instead physics play a big role.

HOW DOES THE MERUS SYSTEM WORK? Changing oscillations
The ring is programmed to transmit oscillations of frequency into the water. The water passes through the energy field and carries the oscillation patterns into the water environment for an unknown distance but results have shown it is substantial.
Designed for ANY environment There are 4 designed models from a standard house hold unit, with amazing capabilities to a high intensity unit for industrial use, which can with stand extreme temperatures and powerful water pressure from pumps creating high velocity flow rates. As it creates its own energy from the ambient
temperature and oscillations it can be placed in optimum positions, anywhere. It requires no maintenance for the duration of its lifetime and functions 24/7 MERUS RING HIGHLIGHTS:
– No complex fitments – Fits around pipes sized according to the outer dimension
– No power required to operate – can be placed exactly where needed for optimum benefit
– Produces its own energy
No Maintenance – It is guaranteed for five years – it has no moving parts