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Teachers rejoice! With the new MimioPad™ wireless pen tablet, you can control your interactive whiteboard from anywhere in the classroom. And when you hand out up to nine tablets that can be simultaneously viewed and controlled on the interactive classroom display at the front of the room, it’s collaborative learning from front row to last.
• Wireless convenience to control any Mimio interactive display from anywhere in the classroom.
• Frees teachers to move about, so they can help individual students and manage the classroom more effectively.
• New MimioStudio™ Collaborate feature allows as many as nine tablets to be controlled by students and viewed on the primary classroom display at the same time.
• Can be used in combination with the existing iPads your school already has.
• Plug-and-play simplicity right out of the box.
• 16 shortcut keys to the common functions of MimioStudio classroom software.
• Convenient battery-free stylus

Mimio Pad