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  • Mimio Projector If you’re interested in an easy and affordable way to bring interactive teaching into the classroom, get the MimioProjector™ interactive projector Mimio Projector
  • Mimio Vote Get everyone involved in your presentation or lesson Mimio Vote
  • Mimio Teach Interactive white board in the classroom or the boardroom ensures great presentations and audience interaction Mimio Teach
  • Mimio Interactive White Board Mimio Interactive White Board Turn any surface into a digital white board!
  • Mimio View Mimio View Mimio View is ideal to show everyone present what is in front of you. Be it a textbook or a bowl of fish. Share the physical content

Mimio and Other Technology Solutions for the Business and Education Sectors

Our commitment to providing leading edge technology and solutions, to both the business and educational sectors in Africa, helped secure us the agency for the multiple award winning Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies range of products. These are marketed alongside a wide, varied and extensive selection of allied items all designed to assist both the educator and the business-person in their mutual quest to teach, instruct and disseminate information. Today BDC can boast a very impressive list of users in both target markets.

We also supply a wide range of technologies:

Education and Event Services

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Computer accesories
  • Technology accesories
  • Ipads
  • Galagy tablets
  • Camera's
  • Earphones and much more
  • Bluetooth adapters
  • Cabling accessories
  • Audio and Video accesories
  • Bateries - cellphone, laptops etc.
  • CCTV equipment and accessories
  • Transmitters
  • Graphix cards
  • Games
  • Speakers
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The Audience Response market has grown significantly, and many new solutions have become available. Conference and meeting organisers are becoming more and more demanding about the level of service, and the sophistication and advances made in the technology are battling to keep up with the types of demands.

Backed by invaluable industry experience and efficient German hardware we have a stable of products to suit every need a conference or meeting organiser could hope for.

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From inception in 2000, Sheldene Sander-Smit’s intention was to provide market proven business solutions to the corporate sector. A glance at Business Data Communication’s list of corporate and industrial users provides confirmation that they are making considerable inroads into that target market and that their objective of growing their market by 30% per annum is no pipe dream.

They provide a full range of audio visual and building maintenance solutions and are constantly striving to include cutting-edge products that ease the presentation and training challenges facing the business world.

Conference registration is a doddle using BDC. A wide range of audience response keypads has captured the interest of the corporate world and their recently launched short-throw projectors, allied with their interactive white board solutions, makes BDC a true market leader.

Implicit in their approach is the understanding that service is the key. The after sale needs of the client are assured and help is never more than a phone call away.

Audience responce technology

At the outset, Business Data Communication has embraced with enthusiasm the singular philosophy of Mimio, for whom they act as Distributor in Southern Africa - that being to make learning more engaging for students, with technology that makes it easier for teachers to do what they do best – teach. Their quest has been to ally that with other educational aids that contribute to that objective.

Besides the Mimio Classroom family of products – Mimio Teach, (an interactive system that transforms any dry erase board into a fully interactive whiteboard), projector, (overhead as well as short-throw) View, (a document camera which also automatically integrates with Mimio Studio software) Vote, (multiple choice keypads) – generic software is also provided that adds real value to the overall package.

The inroads BDC has made have been staggering and the accolades that have come their way from users in the educational sphere bear testimony to the fact that BDC is now a highly respected name in the all-important world of teaching.

The dedicated head of the company, Sheldene Sander-Smit, and her committed staff are constantly striving to develop further the rapport they have established with innumerable schools and tertiary institutions and to add more to that ever-expanding list. In-depth training is assured and the level of after-sales service is exemplary. Pricing is competitive and the product guarantee they offer assures peace of mind.

Mimio Pad for Education

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